Retirement Planning

SG Financial works with clients in the accumulation phase and those already enjoying retirement. During the accumulation phase, SGFA can analyze your income, expenses and current assets to set goals for retirement dates, retirement budgets and other goals and objectives. We run multiple "what if" scenarios for clients to assess the implications of possible client actions (e.g. purchasing a second home, working part-time during retirement, etc.). These projections can be updated when clients objectives, risk tolerance or external conditions change and are a great tool to measure the progress of achieving client goals. Once reaching retirement, planning may change but the need is not eliminated. SG Financial helps devise social security maximization strategies and withdrawal optimization strategies from all assets.

Estate Planning

Estate planning encompasses more than just minimizing estate taxes and having a will. Successful estate planning ensures your wealth is passed on to the people and in the manner you choose. It ensures your minor children are cared for after your death and someone you trust will make life or death decisions on your behalf if you are not able to. Estate planning is critical for all clients whether just starting a family or on the verge of retirement. With an attorney on staff, SG Financial can review your current wills, trusts, powers of attorneys and other relevant documents and work with your other advisors to have a coordinated plan in place. We can also help navigate the steps needed with major life changes such as marriage, children, divorce or the death of a loved one.

Tax Planning

Tax planning involves more than reducing your tax burden each year. All financial decisions related to debt management, retirement planning, education savings, estate planning and investments could have tax implications. SG Financial works to identify opportunities for tax savings across multiple generations and maximization of wealth over the long term. While we do not prepare tax returns, having a CPA on staff allows year-round resources for tax planning.

Cash Flow and Debt Management

Managing cash flow, especially living expenses, is key to achieving financial success. Although we can't follow you into the jewelry store and give you dirty looks, SG Financial will let you know when you are living beyond your means. Poor cash management can prevent the implementation of other key financial objectives such as retirement and education savings. Credit and debt management are vital parts of cash management and our advice is objective and not product oriented. We can explain the after-tax and total costs of debt alternatives to allow for valuable leveraging when appropriate.

Charitable Planning

Many of our clients offer tremendous support to their community and those in need. Whether using a family foundation, donor advised fund, charitable trust or even a simple gift of highly appreciated stock, SG Financial can help maximize these worthy pursuits with effective investment and tax strategies.

Risk Management and Insurance

Although wealth can take a lifetime to accumulate, financial security can vanish in the blink of an eye if not properly protected. Whether reviewing liability coverage to protect you from lawsuits or disability and life insurance to protect your family after a tragic event, SG Financial offers an unbiased and independent review of all of your risk management and insurance needs. We can work with your other advisors to maximize asset protection and plan for unexpected events.

Executive Benefit Planning

SG Financial works with many executives helping them uncover and maximize benefits offered through their employer. We will explain the benefits, recommend a plan of action (e.g. when to exercise stock options) and compare available benefits with those offered by outside parties.

Education Savings

SG Financial strives to assist your family with a plan for education savings that considers income taxes, asset control and ownership, and flexibility. We will help you explore UGMA accounts, Coverdell Education Savings Accounts, Section 529 Plans and other commonly used strategies.